About Us

Who We Are

The name TechVidvan is a combination of two words Tech and Vidvan. Tech is the abbreviation for Technology and Vidvan is the Sanskrit word for someone who has vidya (or knowledge) of a particular science or art. So, TechVidvan is someone with expertise in technology. 

As technology is evolving every single day, one needs to keep up with it to stay relevant to the industry. We believe that technology is something that everyone should know about and should be up-to-date with. 

We always try our best to bring you detailed tutorials on the latest cutting-edge technologies to jumpstart your career or give it a new direction. Our team comprises of passionate vidvans with a zeal to spread their knowledge. 

Apart from tutorials, we also provide detailed practicals and content like commonly asked interview questions, real-time projects to give hands-on experience and quizzes to test your knowledge. We try to create a wholesome environment that promotes learning, focused on your career’s growth and betterment. 

We at TechVidvan believe that technological know-how is something that should be available to everyone, everywhere. With that in mind, TechVidvan provides informative tutorials about a variety of technologies.

TechVidvan is the brand of DataFlair Web Services Pvt Ltd.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help individuals sculpt their careers. The Indian culture says that vidya/knowledge is priceless. Believing in this, the Techvidvan team aims to make technologies with wide commercial use, available to everyone.

Our Vision

We wish to inspire individuals to take control of their career and to equip them with the knowledge they will require to navigate it. Everyone has a right to knowledge. We believe in empowering the people with it. After all, knowledge is power.