Applications of C Programming Language

It is a true fact that C is one of the oldest and most fundamental languages which is widely used across the world. C is fast, portable, and has a rich library. C is a middle-level language but it has benefits of low-level languages as well as high-level languages. And it is sad to hear that the use of C programming is decreasing day by day. C has left its mark in almost every domain. C is mainly used to develop applications and for system development work.

I guarantee you that if I tell you about various applications of C then you will fall in love with C again. It is not the easiest programming language but many well programmers are now using C because of its portability and how fast it executes the program.

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Real-World Applications of C

Use of the C programming language is not limited to the development of operating systems and applications. It is also used in GUI development, IDE development, etc.

Some uses of C programming language:-

1. Operating Systems

2. Assemblers

3. Text Editors

4. Print Spoolers

5. Modern Programs

6. Databases

7. Utilities

Hold Tight, because I am going to tell you some exciting real-world applications of C.

1. Operating Systems:-

What is better than writing your own operating system? And yes, with the help of the C programming language, you can write your own operating system. Windows Kernel, Linux Kernel and Apple’s OS X kernel are mostly written in C.

2. GUI:-

It stands for Graphical User Interface. The C programming language also helps in developing popular adobe softwares like Photoshop, Premier Pro, Illustrator etc.

3. Embedded Systems:-

In daily life, we use different embedded systems like coffee machines, microwaves, climate control systems etc. These all are mostly programmed in C.

4. Database:-

The C programming language helps in developing the popular database management system, MySQL.

5. Ease of Computation:-

C provides faster computation in programs. The implementation of algorithms and data structures is swift in C. With the help of C, you can perform high degree calculations such as MATLAB, Mathematica etc.

6. Gaming:-

C programming is relatively faster than Java or Python. It has been used in various gaming applications and graphics. C programming language also helps in creating many popular childhood games like Tic-Tac-Toe, The Snake game etc.

7. Development of New languages:-

Due to the fast execution and simplicity, many languages like Java, C++, Python, PHP, PERL, JavaScript, etc were influenced by the development of C. In Python, C is used for building standard libraries. The syntax and control structures of PERL, PHP and C++ are based upon the C programming language.

8. Google:-

In the Google open source community, the projects are being handled by C/C++. And C/C++ also helped in developing google file system and chromium browser.

9. Assemblers:-

Mainly used to translate Assembly language to Machine language. C also helped in
developing GNU assembler.

10. Text Editors:-

C also helped in creating various text editors like Vim, Gedit etc.

11. Drivers:-

Another application of C is to write driver softwares like Keyboard driver, Network driver, mouse driver etc.

12. Interpreters:-

With the help of C programming language, you can create language interpreters. C helped in developing different programming language interpreters like Python and MATLAB interpreters etc.

13. Network Devices:-

Another application of C is to design network devices.

14. Compiler Design:-

C also helped in designing several popular compilers like Clang C, MINGW, Apple C etc. This is one of the most popular uses of C language.


C is one of the fastest and most simple programming languages. C is fast, portable and has a rich library. Being one of the oldest, it is still preferred by many companies and backend developers. C programming language is being used in every domain such as hardware and software development, embedded systems, databases etc. But nowadays, the usage of C programming language is decreasing.

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