Can Machine Learning generate Text Adventure Stories?

The year 2021 already brought something new to human civilization. Each year, many different aspects of life are improving and developing to become more useful to people. Something that has developed the most in the past decades is certainly technology.

Since it became a vital part of our lives, a lot of areas that include its presence have come to the light. It means that plenty of things found their purpose and the right way of use thanks to the technology. One of those things is surely machine learning too.

Therefore, we will try to explain and give the appropriate answer for the question can we use machine learning to generate text adventure stories.

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What Challenges We Are Facing With?

Since technological devices and features crawled into peoples’ daily routines, many youngsters started to commit to it. Text adventure stories are closely linked to text-based video games. It is practically the same thing.

Nowadays, kids and students particularly have become more addicted to the use of video games and virtual reality machines more than ever before. It could be said it is a consequence of the rapid development of the Internet generally.

Along with technology, machine learning has increased its presence and capacity to a much higher level. As many young people like to spend their free time playing video games, developers of such technology can only rub their hands in pleasure.

What does this machine learning actually include? Well, in the simplest words, it is a process of studying algorithms related to computers that can be enhanced through collecting experience.

Many scientists and computer programmers agree that it can be considered a part of artificial intelligence. Also, machine learning is often associated with some sort of prediction of outcomes by using computers.

Anyways, the question that bothers us the most is how can we use it to generate the text adventure stories. For those who don’t know or haven’t encountered such games before, text-based games are games that utilize an interface based on the texts.

Those interfaces are often filled with coded characters. Basically, such games are related to commanding it through the words on the display. So, for example, if you are in front of the door, you can type action on what you should do next.

By typing commands such as “open the door”, your command will be applied and then you can continue further with the game. Such games are facing challenges in the form of disrespect and underestimating but they represent the beginning of developing video games.

The use of this technology can be mostly seen in the games of adventure and role-playing genres. If you are struggling to find the right answers about these services, try visiting top 3 best essay writing services online.

Here, you can find relevant writing reviews from other individuals that had previous experiences with this technology.

The Use Of Neural Network Could Be The Key

A couple of programmers and video game developers have tried to implement machine learning into their work by developing a neural network. A neural network usually consists of artificial neurons but it can be assembled even from the real biological neurons too.

Their main purpose is related to solving the issues about artificial intelligence. Areas that have successfully received the use of artificial neurons are analysis of the images, adaptive control, and the recognition of the speech.

Those areas are fairly part of every construction of the video game, especially the one that is text-based. This is one of the biggest reasons why a neural network is considered a proper solution in using machine learning for generating such stories.

Some of the best examples of the use of neural networks you can find in the lyrics of songs or poems in general.

Data Sets Are Essential

Almost every video game requires the appropriate collecting of the relevant data in order to be created in the best possible way. There are examples of the failed projects that you can find information about online which hadn’t the right data set.

If you are a layman (a totally new person) in this area, you don’t have to be worried. We are here to explain everything and make it clear for you. Datasets are representing the core of every games’ development.

Simply put, it can be described as a process of gathering valuable data. If you want to create and build a certain data set, you need a database table that is made of different columns. Each of these columns contains so-called variables.

The most important thing about them is that each one has its own value, for example, strength, or stamina. Every column is made of a certain amount of rows. Every piece of the rows is related to a single member that is connected to the data set.

Projects that include machine learning often need the practice of datasets. By providing a suitable training process to the dataset, its values are becoming more stable and able to act in different actions if needed. Do you wonder why text-based games need a dataset?

The answer is truly simple. Every machine learning is highly dependable on the data as artificial intelligence cannot provide learning without it. Maybe we should remember this and try to use it as our advantage in generating the text adventure games.

The growth of artificial intelligence always depends on the data. However, datasets can be divided into 3 categories such as validation, training, and testing. The training part is probably the most important one.

It is mostly focused on allowing the algorithms to understand the use of previously mentioned neural networks and provide positive outcomes.

Evaluating Of The Results

If you successfully do all the necessary actions about applying the machine learning processes and artificial intelligence commands, the last thing to do is checking the results. Normally, the end of every project is based on the evaluating of the work that has been done.

If we want to use machine learning to generate text adventure stories, we must check everything multiple times. Datasets and neutral networks are very detail-oriented technological stuff that requires full attention and care. Even the smallest mistake can make a whole project collapse.

So, to use machine learning properly, estimation of the results can be of much bigger importance.


As technology keeps going uphill, the use of machine learning for such purposes will be more and more applied. People have to pay enough attention to the processes we considered vital to execute them in the right way.

Even though text-based games are not much represented in the world of virtual reality today, they still can leave an indelible mark on the lovers of such activities!

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