How to Become A Data Scientist – The perfect road map

You must be wondering how to become a Data Scientist? What skills are required to become a Data Scientist?

I know so many questions will be there in your mind. With this article, you will find all the answers.

But first, let’s talk about the scope of Data Scientist in today’s world.

Data Scientist is undoubtedly the hottest and the sexiest job of the 21st century.

In today’s era, an immeasurable amount of data is generating each and every second through our mobile phones, laptops, and many other devices all over the world.

Every organization whether small or large, government or private are using Data Science in one or the other way.

They have realized the importance of this huge amount of data and thus want to make the most out of it which can be done by a Data Scientist.

Thus, most of the leading enterprises are welcoming Data Scientists from all over the world to extract some actionable insights from the data.

To improve their business and are also paying handsome salaries to them.

But this job requires a lot of skills and hard work.

Before knowing how to become a Data Scientist you should know what skills you need to develop in yourself for becoming a Data Scientist.

Let us have a quick overview of the different skills required to become a Data Scientist.

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Skills Required to Become Data Scientistdata scientist skills

1. Statistics

The most obvious task of a Data Scientist is to collect, analyze, and evaluate the data for obtaining meaningful insights from it.

For this purpose, you need to have your hands-on Statistics.

You should at least have a knowledge of the basic concepts such as linear regression, probability, etc.

Also, you will have to select the right statistical approach based on your data to extract some meaningful inferences from it.

You can also use different tools for this such as Hadoop, SAS, etc.

2. Programming Skills

The main component of Data Science is data.

For effective results, you will need to collect a large amount of data.

Also, the data will not always be that easy to understand.

Sometimes you have to manipulate the data according to your needs for easy interpretation and better results.

Programming skills will help you with all these tasks.

There are various programming languages that you can use but R and Python are considered to be the most compatible with Data Science.

3. Machine Learning

You might have heard about Machine Learning.

For applying Data Science, you should be familiar with the most commonly used supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms.

Some of them are K-means clustering, K nearest neighbor, Decision tree, Naive Bayes classification, etc.

This will help you in training different models for making useful predictions.

4. Data Management

The term Data Science came into existence because of data.

Therefore, for becoming a Data Scientist you must have the art to play with data.

You should know how to collect data from various sources, how to organize it, how to store it, etc.

After doing all these preprocessing you will be able to analyze it.

There are many tools that you can use such as Spark, Snowflake, etc.

5. Communication Skills

Along with good technical skills, you should also be good at communication because as a Data Scientist you will also need to present your findings and results to the stakeholders.

The insights that you have extracted from the data will be of no use if you are not able to express it and make someone understand.

You should be able to tell a story with your data so that it can be understood by everyone, including someone from a non-technical background.

Now after knowing the qualities and skills required for Data Science, you can start your journey of becoming a Data Scientist.

This how to become a Data Scientist article, will provide you a complete roadmap for reaching your destination to become a Data Scientist.

How to Become A Data Scientist – Career Guidehow to become a data scientist - career guide

Many of us want to become a Data scientist but do not have the proper knowledge about the path they need to follow.

The right guidance and information will help you to get a clear idea about what and how to do and start preparing.

There are five basic steps that everyone should follow for becoming a Data Scientist.

1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

For building a career in any domain, the mandatory requirement is a College Education.

You should at least have a four-year bachelor’s degree.

The best option is to have a degree in a Data Science field if possible because it will help you explore all the aspects of the field.

Many universities are offering several Data Science courses.

Otherwise, you can opt for some other degree programs such as Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, etc. which are related to the skills required for doing Data Science.

The college education will help you to learn many new things that will help you further in becoming a Data Scientist.

2. Earn Certificates

You can improve your skills and boost your confidence by earning various certificates.

These certificates will enrich your skills and increase your value in the market.

Several companies like Google, SAS, Microsoft, IBM, Cloudera, etc. which are working on Data Science offer various professional certificates.

Some of the available certifications are:

  • Certified Analytics Professional.
  • Google Certified Professional Data Engineer.
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.
  • SAS Certified Data Scientist.
  • Cloudera Certified Professional: CPP Data Engineer.

3. Obtain an Entry-Level Job

After pursuing your degree, you will acquire the initial skills for applying Data Science.

So now you can apply for an entry-level job.

Because of the increasing demand for Data Scientists, the companies are even hiring professionals for job titles such as Junior Data Scientists, Assistant Data Analyst, etc.

Starting your career with these jobs will help you to gain practical experience and it might be a milestone for your further career.

Grabbing these jobs will be easier for you if you have done any certifications or specializations during or after your education.

These certificates will help you a lot.

4. Earn a Master’s Degree or Ph.D

Pursuing a master’s degree or Ph.D. in any field related to Data Science will add a plus point to your profile.

It will be like a cherry on the cake.

With the increasing demand, the career opportunities are also growing.

Having a master’s degree will help you to stand out in the crowd and grab better opportunities in this era of competition.

5. Get Promoted

Gaining experience and core knowledge of the field will help you to get promotions in your field.

Progress also happens when data scientists improve at the five core skills: abilities of problem formulation, technical ability, analytical ability, synthesis, and influence.

Working on different problems and live projects will help you to master Data Science and produce the best possible results for the organization.

6. Never Stop Learning

In any profession, you can never stop learning because you need to keep yourself updated with the recent advances and changing dynamics of your job.

Continuous learning and hard work will make you stand in this highly demanded job.

Also, Data Science is an evolving field and the best solution to a problem can become just a good one anytime.

You need to continuously discover innovative ideas to prove your worth.

This will also help you to boost your confidence and become a better Data Scientist.


This was all about TechVidvan’s how to become a Data Scientist article.

Data Science is a continuously growing field. It provides you with many comforts but demands a lot of hard work and skills.

In this article, we have seen the different skills that you must have for becoming a Data Scientist and how you can develop them. Following these steps will provide you the right direction.

In short, you can start your career by pursuing a four-year Bachelor’s degree and then can also go for a master’s.

Having some certificates or expertise in some areas will help you to grab better opportunities.

During your entire journey, you just need to develop the different skills required for becoming a good Data Scientist.

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