Top Apps You Should Have on Your Phone

The internet is a beautiful, productive happy place that has given birth to app stores on smartphones, which have made like very easy in terms of work, education, and even entertainment. Some of the apps might already be on your phone but others will take you by storm and quite significantly alter your daily routine.

Before we get to the apps, it is important to mention that you would need a stable internet service to get the best experience from these applications. With that said, let us take a look at the apps that you should definitely have on your smartphone this year:

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If you are into games:

We all love a little fun whilst we’re waiting for our turn or stranded on a long ride home so even if you’re not a game person, these apps will come in handy when you’ll have a lot of time to kill, and no internet. Yes, we are thinking ahead.

  •  Action Potato (Addiction level: 9/10, Internet required: No, Free: Yes, Type: Think Fast)
  •  World of Goo (Addiction level: 8/10, Internet required: No, Free: No, Type: Brain and Arcade)
  •  QuizUp (Addiction level: 10/10, Internet required: Yes, Free: Yes (upgrade available) Type: Brain and Thinking)
  •  Tetris (Addiction level: 10/10, Internet required: No, Free: No, Type: Think Fast)
  •  Unblock Me (Addiction level: 8/10, Internet required: No, Free, Yes (upgrade available), Type: Challenging)

If you are into social media:

We all love posting about our lives online and catching up with friends and family virtually. The social media trend is always changing and despite the must-be-on apps, one needs to have connections with others to make the best of all worlds!

  •  Facebook (used by 18-29-year-olds mostly)
  •  Twitter (used by 20-35-year-olds mostly)
  •  Clubhouse (can be accessed only via invitation currently)
  •  Instagram (used by 25-35-year-olds mostly)
  •  YouTube (used by 26-35-year-olds mostly)
  •  TikTok (used by 15-25-year-olds mostly)

If you are working from home:

Amidst the coronavirus, a lot of us have started working from home. Remote work is the new thing and to be efficient and effective and complete the work on time without any distractions, having these applications on your phone are a blessing!

  • Zoom (For virtual audio and video meetings)
  • Serene (Helps you stay on track)
  • Google Drive (Best with storage and document creation)
  • Zapier (Helps save time)
  • Daywise (Helps schedule notifications)
  • Toggl (Keeps track of tasks and time taken to complete them)

If you are into photo editing

None of the photos we capture get uploaded raw. Sure, there are automatic filters in applications, but we still need an edit here or there to make them look their best on our feed. These days, everyone is a photographer and why shouldn’t we be, when such amazing applications exist.

However, to use the apps mentioned below, you will need a reliable internet service that allows you to enjoy maximum photo-editing features. So, if your current internet connection is troubling you, then check out Spectrum Internet plans as they come with incredible internet speeds and unlimited data to keep you connected to the following apps at all times.

  • VSCO (Best app for filters, Free: Yes)
  • TouchRetouch (Best for retouching, Free: No)
  • Snapseed (Best for beginner editors, Free: Yes)
  • Mextures (Best for professional photo and video tweaking, Free: No)
  • Adobe Photoshop Express (Best for adding text, blending, and basic edits, Free: Yes)
  • Camera+ (Best for shooting and editing, Free: No)

If you are into reading

No one has the time to carry a huge pile of books and e-books have made life so much easier. You can have thousands of books on your phone and you can read them from where you left off, buy them, sell them, and even rent them – all in under a minute and some clicks. These applications will definitely make a bookaholic’s day!

  • Apple Books (Even has audiobooks!)
  • NOOK (Read millions of books instantly)
  • Overdrive (Works with libraries to give access to your virtually)
  • Google Play Books (Our absolute favorite with unlimited customization!)
  • Epic! (Best for children books)
  • Amazon Kindle (The most popular, available for all devices)

General apps that make life better

We are not being specific but here are some applications, which you will end up using at the end of the day. You do not think you need them, but you really do. They are like little Christmas presents one should be thankful for.

  • Flo (For all the women out there, it is the best period tracker.)
  • Goodreads (Read reviews before purchasing a book and leave a review after reading it)
  • LinkedIn (Not only a job finding app, but rather for making meaningful connections)
  • MyFitnessPal (For calorie counting, and living a healthy, nutrition filled life)
  • (For booking the best accommodations whilst traveling)
  • Meddy (To find the best doctors online)
  • Shutterstock (Buying images and videos for all occasions)
  • Shazam (Listening to a track you like and instantly knowing who sung it)

Final Words

With these apps on your phone, you are bound to have a better and happier life! Make sure that you are connected to a high-speed internet connection when downloading and using the aforementioned apps. That is all for today, stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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