Python Developer – How to start Career in Python

As we all know, becoming a Python developer nowadays is in emerging demand and dream of every IT  professional.

It is not that hard to become a Python developer as it seems. All you need to know is How to become Python developer?

Python developer can opt for any of the job roles and domains according to the skill-set they have.

He uses Python to deploy, develop, and debug the project.

He has the responsibility to write code, test it, debug programs, etc.

Hence, a Python developer can be a web developer, data analyst, software engineer, data scientist, etc.

Python developers are in high demand, but the supply does not meet this requirement ratio.

So, they are given a large amount of salary.

If you are a Python developer, certainly you are going to get paid well.

Become a Python developer is easy and simple.

You need to follow an approach that has a proper structure.

Here are some ways that will help you get Python developer jobs.

How to become a Python Developer

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Master Python to become Python Developer

Your skillsets are the roadmap for you to become a Python developer.

Polish your Python skills.

Learn Python, also think the reason you are doing it, automatically you will get the path.

Get some valuable Python certifications.

Practice Python as much as you can.

But a question arises that what are the topics you should learn in Python;

  • Gain basic knowledge about the syntax of Python, its installation, etc.
  • Learn about variables, data types, operators, loops, etc.
  • Learn about data structure and algorithms.
  • It includes lists and dictionaries.
  • Go thoroughly through the concepts of conditional statements and control statements.
  • Learn about error handling, exception handling, and file handling.
  • Memorize the knowledge of the database.
  • Don’t forget to learn about functions, classes, objects, inheritance, etc.
  • Learn about the libraries and frameworks.
  • This will help you to make your task easy and fast.
  • This will reduce your efforts while coding.

All the points mentioned above will help to enrich your fundamental Python skills.

These will enhance your Python Programming ability.

Hence will help you to expertise in the coding area.

After mastering these fundamental skills of Python, now you need to expertise the domain you want to select as a Python developer.

Decide your path of learning Python

Firstly you need to choose your career path and hence master the concepts accordingly.

Study the useful libraries.

Libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, SciPy, etc. are useful in almost every field.

Also, learn about ORM (Object Relational Mapping) library.

Study the libraries which are useful for a specific field you are looking for.

Learn about the libraries that help to manipulate data from the database.

Learn Python Frameworks

Next, you need to work on frameworks.

Frameworks like Django, Bottle, Flask, Hug, TurboGears, etc. are very powerful.

These frameworks are open-source and easy to learn.

These will help you to complete the task with a fewer line of codes and can help you to fasten work tasks.

Acquire knowledge of Python Libraries

You need to learn about the Python libraries.

Libraries enable you to complete your task faster and effectively.

There are various libraries like Pandas, NumPy, PyBrain, Seaborn, Scikit-Learn, etc.

These libraries provide you functions that you need to use in your code, it reduces your coding effort.

Enhance your Python programming skills

Any developer is said to be good if that developer has a good experience of live, real-time projects.

So, use your skills to design your Python projects.

This will add up to your portfolio.

Making hands dirty in projects will separate you from others.

This practice will also help you to build confidence.

Try to figure out real-life problems you face and try to solve them using Python.

After learning any new programming skills, try to implement it in the projects.

Get some Python certification courses

Most Importantly, certification courses enhance your technical skills.

They help you to learn more about the topic in-depth.

These courses will also provide you the coding knowledge.

Along with the coding knowledge, you can also master the theoretical part.

Master in other areas (other than technical skills)

Besides all these technical skills, try to improve your communication skills.

I also understand the concepts of decision making.

Try to enhance your logical skills. Build a problem-solving mindset.

Think about the practical implementation of every problem.

Use your mind to learn about the internal working of every situation.

After mastering all the points mentioned above, you can go a lot further and gain goodwill as the best Python developer.

Always remember to implement what you learn.

This will make your future as a Python developer bright.


Finally we have seen that to become a Python developer, programming skills are must.

Always remember to polish your Python programming talent. You will need more than technical skills.

Always develop an eagerness to learn about new libraries and frameworks.

Don’t limit your knowledge to theory, instead implement it.

Boost your communication skills. Make an impressive portfolio.

After following all these, no hurdle can stop you to become a Python developer.

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