Python Applications – Know what exactly you can do with Python

If you are a beginner in Python programming or already have some experience in it, you must be curious about:

What exactly Python is used for? What type of things people are building with Python?

So, many questions like this will be in your mind.

Nothing to worry about, in this article we will be covering everything and discuss the top 10 real-world Python applications.

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Applications of PythonPython applications

Let’s start discussing the Python applications in detail:

1. Web Development

Python is used for web development and internet applications.

Web frameworks like Django and Flask are one of the most popular frameworks.

They allow you to write server-side code in Python language.

With a framework, it becomes easier to build backend logic like mapping different URLs to Python code, dealing with databases and generating HTML files to view on the user’s device.

The standard library of Python supports many internet protocols like:

  • HTML
  • JSON and XML
  • Email processing
  • FTP and IMAP
  • Socket interface.

2. Desktop GUI Applications

You can build desktop applications along with their GUI all in Python.

Python has a simple syntax, modular architecture, and a rich set of tools that can work on various operating systems.

This is the reason why it is suitable for desktop applications.

The platform-independent GUI toolkits that you can use are:

  • wxWidgets
  • Tkinter
  • Qt
  • Gtk+
  • FLTK
  • Kivy
  • OpenGL

3. Scientific and Numeric Calculations

A lot of scientists, researchers, programmers, and statisticians use Python for scientific and numeric calculations.

Python’s simplicity and ability to handle operations with large numbers makes it pretty useful in scientific calculations.

There are ample of libraries available for Scientific and numeric calculations.

Some of these are:

  • SciPy
  • Pandas
  • IPython
  • Numpy

4. Data Science

Data science is one of the hottest fields where Python is involved deeply in the roots.

Python is used to process large amounts of data, clean the data, building machine learning models and visualize data.

Some of the important libraries for data science are:

  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Scikit-learn
  • Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • Pythorch
  • Matplotlib

5. Software Development

In software development, Python is mostly used as a support language for building control and management, testing and automating the workflow.

  • SCons – build-control.
  • Buildbot and Apache Gump – automation and continuous compilation and testing.
  • Roundup or Trac – project management and bug-tracking.
  • Tools like Selenium can be used with Python for testing web applications.

6. Education

Python is the most preferred language for beginners and for teaching purposes.

It is a good choice to learn about programming and computer science concepts.

Python forms custom applications without writing additional code.

7. Business Applications

Python has fantastic features like special libraries, scalability, extensibility, and simplicity.

Larger applications can be easily customized using Python.

A popular website Reddit which was originally written in Common Lisp was rewritten with Python in 2005.

Youtube also uses Python for some of its functionalities.

Python is a great choice for developing ERP and E-commerce systems.

  • Tryton – A three-tier, high-level general-purpose application platform.
  • Odoo – It’s an all-rounder management software with a range of business applications. With that, it forms a complete suite of enterprise-management applications in-effect.

8. Games and 3D GraphicsPython applications in game development

This is an interesting part for everyone, making games are very exciting as you can create anything with your imagination.

Python has some amazing libraries, some of them are PyGame and PyOpenGL.

You can build wonderful games with these libraries.

You can create 3D graphics with Python OpenGL and Blender 3d API.

If you love game development, then you should check out PyWeek which hosts interesting gaming contests.

9. Network Programming

Python is also used in making connections between client and server, socket programming and network programming.

It supports lower-level network programming.

  • Twisted Python – Framework for asynchronous network programming.
  • Easy to use socket interface for socket programming.

10. Database Access

After all these possibilities, how can Python lack behind in connectivity with databases?

Python is also used in server-side programming where it connects to SQL or NoSQL databases and performs database operations.

Some of the libraries for working with databases are:

  • PyMySQL – to work with MySQL database.
  • PyMongo – to work with MongoDB NoSQL database.


Python has a broad range of applications and it can be used for literally anything.

This article focused on the applications of Python and we saw how Python is being used in web development, software development, game development, network programming, data science, etc.

I hope our Python applications article was helpful to you.

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