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Features of Apache Hive 0

Features of Hive – Limitations of Hive

In this article, we will study various features of Apache Hive. The article enlisted various key-features of Apache Hive. You will also see some of the limitations in Apache Hive. Before learning Hive features...

Apache Impala Tutorial 0

Impala Tutorial for Beginners

Impala is an open-source and a native analytic database for Hadoop. Vendors such as Cloudera, Oracle, MapR, and Amazon shipped Impala. If you want to learn each and everything related to Impala then you...

HCatalog Tutorial 0

HCatalog Tutorial for Beginners

Do you want to learn the other important component of the Hadoop ecosystem, that is, HCatalog? HCatalog is the table storage management tool for Apache Hadoop, which exposes the tabular data of Apache Hive...