HDFS Tutorials

HDFS Federation 0

Introduction to HDFS Federation & Architecture

1. Objective In this Hadoop tutorial, we are going to provide you a complete introduction of HDFS Federation. In this tutorial we will discuss HDFS Architecture, Limitations of the current architecture of HDFS. Then...

HDFS Erasure Coding in Big Data Hadoop 0

HDFS Erasure Coding in Big Data Hadoop

1. Objective This blog is all about HDFS Erasure Coding. In this blog we will discuss the concept of Erasure Coding in Hadoop, issues of old replication scheme. Two algorithms for Hadoop erasure coding...

HDFS NameNode High Availbility 0

HDFS NameNode High Availability in Hadoop

1. Objective In our previous blog, we have studied Hadoop Introduction and Features of Hadoop, Now in this blog, we are going to cover the HDFS NameNode High Availability feature in detail. First of...