Best Android App Development Books for Android Developers

Welcome to TechVidvan’s Android tutorial. In this tutorial, we’ll tell you the best Android App development books for Android Programmers.

Android app development books

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Best Android App Development Books

1. Android Programming: The big nerd Ranch guide

Best Android Books

The authors of this book are Bill Phillips and Brian Hardy. This book is a great base for those aspiring to learn Android. It helps users with the best guidance for Android Development and teaches them everything right from the fundamentals of Android. It also teaches the readers how to use Android Studio and also how to integrate it with other applications. The book also shows the usages of various components of Android, be it Activity, Services, fragments, and whatnot. You’ll also learn about the tools that support libraries like ConstraintLayout, RecyclerView, PlayServices, and many other libraries. To understand this book very well, you would need to have familiarity with Java language and its terminology. With this book you can learn to word in Android versions from KitKat to Nougat.

2. Head First Android Development: A brain-friendly guide

Android Book

Head First Android Development is a book written by Dawn Griffiths and David Griffiths. This is an amazing book for you as a beginner, and it has everything to teach you about Android. This book is based on the latest cognitive science and learning theory. It has great visuals and a rich format to engage the reader’s mind, instead of the complex and hard approach to teach. This book perfectly suits those who are well familiar with Java and are new to Android. It has a great way of interacting with its users and explaining the concepts to them. If you’ve got some really interesting ideas about an application, this book will definitely help to develop it at ease.

3. Android Application Development for Dummies

Best books on ANdroid

Android Application Development for DUMMIES is one of the best books by Author Donn Felker. This book comes with a great introduction to Android development and provides really good explanations of examples. It will help the beginners to learn Android and those who know it can master Android. It has a great design for the users and an interactive user interface for them. This book gives good examples of the topics as well. This can be a good selection for those who are beginners as well as those who already have some knowledge about Android. As a beginner user would love this book and understand the things with fun.

4. Java: A beginners Guide

Best java books

This book was written by Herbert Schildt. It is an amazing book that initially teaches the users programming in Java. It is important as Java is mainly used in Android Development. This book guides us from the very basics of creating and compiling a very simple java program. It also includes a lot of advanced features such as Multi-threading, Generics, Swings, Lambda Expressions, and many more.

This book is well suited for learning Android development or even improving it. The beginners can find it of good use for them.

5. The busy coder’s guide to Android Development

Android developer book

This book was written by Mark L. Murphy. This book is a great choice if you are aware of Android and want to learn the latest versions of Android Studio. It has so many chapters and can guide its users from the very beginning to the advanced features. It has many new techniques and new development tools.

6. Android Programming: Pushing the Limits

Android Programming Book

The author of this book is Erik Hellman. This book is best for you if you’re an advanced developer, and you wish to know what is the thing that limits you. This can help you realize your true capabilities and limits. And then it will help you to overcome your limitations. This is definitely the best choice if you’re looking for crossing your limits and learning everything about Android.

7. Hello, Android : Introducing Google’s mobile development Platform Book

Android App Development Books

This book is considered as one of the greatest books for Android. The author of this book is Ed. Burnette. This book best teaches you how to actually create the user interfaces, how to add music and sound effects in your applications. It will also teach you to use location-based services and a lot more new things. It also introduces the Google Play Store as well.

8. Android Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Android developers

Best Android books to learn Android

This is an amazing book by the author Ian F. Darwin. This book helps the users to jump in and build Android Applications using more than 230 tested examples. This book has many recipes as you can see the name is Android cookbook. These recipes help you with various examples of Android projects. This book helps you to get started with the development and testing tools. It certainly helps you understand the Android location-based services. Also, it will teach how to work with Android sensors and gaming frameworks.

9. Android Studio IDE Quick Reference: A pocket guide to Android Studio Development

Android Studio Books

The author of this book is Ted Hagos. This book presents the essential Android Studio functions in great format. This is a quick reference and demonstrates the use of Android Studio IDE to build an Android Application. This book is for those developers who already have some idea about Android using Java.


In this article, we’ve read about the best Android App development books. We have shown you as well as suggested some of the best Android books. We hope these books will help you out throughout this journey of learning Android. And we also hope that you will love Android as much as we do.

Let us know in comment section any other book on Android that we missed.

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