Why you must earn a Big Data Certification? [Cloudera Certification]

If you are looking for information about the Big Data certifications provided by Cloudera, then you have landed on the right place. This article will provide you the complete information about the Big Data Certifications.

Not only this, the article first explains the reason why you should earn a Big Data Certification. After reading this article you will come to know about the different certifications provided by Cloudera, the exams conducted by Cloudera.

The article also enlists the prices for enrolling for the exams. You will also get the information about the training guide where you start yourself for preparing for the exams.

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Raising Demands for Big Data Certification

We are living in a time of tremendous opportunity especially for those who are working in the IT industry. With large numbers of emerging technologies, professionals can deepen their knowledge in any number of fields, to become a specialist in a new domain.

This proves to be true for Big Data which is now evolving as an opportunity rather than the problem.

According to IDC, in 2020, we will be generating 440 times more data. All these data must be stored in cost-effective, scalable and fault-tolerant platforms, while still being accessed and analyzed. All this can be made possible just by the big data professionals.

Thus, today’s organizations are hunting for Big Data professionals, including data engineers, data scientists, developers, data analysts, and system administrators and managers.

Thus there are plenty of job opportunities and lucrative salaries for those who are having the right skills and certifications. This raises the demand for Big Data Skills and Certifications.

Why earn a Big Data Certification?


Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional and want to get an edge in your career, then Big Data Certification is the key to boost your career.

If you are a beginner, a Big Data certification will train you so that you can make the transition and land your first dream job. If you are already working in the Big Data domain, a Big Data Certification will help you to move into a specialized role.

Certification gives you a stronger hold against the other people standing in the queue. It is something that proves the knowledge and skill-set that companies are looking for.

There are a number of Big Data Certifications. The right big data certification will help you in building your career. In this article, I am discussing the most reputed Big Data Certification Cloudera.

Big Data Certification – Cloudera certification

Cloudera was the first company that built a business around professional deployment and Hadoop support. It offers certification exams through its websites. The few of the top Cloudera Certification are described below:

1. Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP)

The Cloudera Certified professional is the company’s most demanding performance-based certifications. The CCP evaluates the candidate expertise or mastery of the technical skills.

CCP Data Engineer Exam (DE575)

A developer who earns the Cloudera Certified Data Engineer credential by passing the CCP Data Engineer exam can perform the core competencies that are required to ingest, store, transform, and analyze data in the Cloudera CDH environment.

CCP Data Engineer has the skills to develop autonomous, reliable, scalable data pipelines which are resulting in optimized data sets for different workloads.

The price for enrolling in the exam is USD $400.

Number of Questions: 5–10 performance-based tasks on the Cloudera Enterprise cluster.

Time Limit: 240 minutes

Passing score: 70%

Language: English

2. Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA)

The Cloudera Certified Associate exams evaluate the foundational skills of a candidate and set out the groundwork for the candidate to get mastery in the CCP program.

Cloudera has four certification exams at the CCA level.

For any of the CCA level certification exams the enrollment fee is $ 295.00 USD.

Number of Questions: 8–12 performance-based tasks on a Cloudera Enterprise cluster.

Time Limit: 120 minutes

Passing score: 70%

Language: English

1. CCA Data Analyst Exam (CCA159)

A CCA Data Analyst exam evaluates candidate core analyst skills to load, transform, and model Hadoop data for defining relationships and extracting valuable insights from the raw input.

This CCA Data Analyst Certification is for SQL developers, BI specialists, data analysts, system architects, and database administrators who generate reports in the Cloudera CDH environment.

2. CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Exam (CCA175)

A CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer exam evaluates core skills to ingest, transform, and process a massive amount of data using Apache Spark and the core Cloudera Enterprise tools.

3. CCA Administrator Exam (CCA131)

A CCA Administrator exam evaluates its core systems and cluster administrator skills desired by the organizations and companies deploying Cloudera in their enterprise.

4. CCA HDP Administrator Exam (CCA121)

The HDP Certified Administrator (HDPCA) Exam evaluates the five main skills for five different tasks which include installation, configuration, high-availability, troubleshooting, and Security.


I hope this article flushes all your confusions related to Big Data Certification. Now you might have understood the reason for getting the Big Data Certification.

You can now choose which exam you are appearing for and start your preparation by following the TechVidvan master guide:

If you still have any difficulty in choosing Big Data Certification, ask our experts.

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