Career in Big Data – Guide to unlock top jobs in Big Data

If you are thinking about planning a career in Big Data, you are at the perfect article. We will tell you everything about Big Data opportunities, advantages, and roles.

As the name suggests, Big Data refers to large datasets that carry complex data and having big importance in the industries these days. All around the world, companies are recognizing the importance of Big Data as a source to gain insights and to make informed decisions.

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Why Big Data is Popular?

You cannot explore big data career opportunities without knowing its popularity –

  • Huge Demand of Big Data Professionals

Organizations want to exploit Big Data power to get ahead of the competition. They require candidates with Big Data skills and expertise. Therefore, the demand for Big Data professionals is anticipated to grow in the coming years.

  • Lucrative salary offers

Since the demand for Big Data candidates is huge, the salary offered to them is often very high. Big Data is practiced in multiple domains so companies offer competitive salary packages to the candidates.

  • Huge skill gap

Due to high demand and less supply of big data talent, job opportunities are always hot. There is a steady demand for engineers as well as managers and business analysts to understand and analyze and make decisions.

According to a study of Mckinsey Global Institute, US will have a shortage of about 190,000 data scientists and 1.5 million managers and analysts who can make decisions using Big Data. Not only this, there are many other reports and examples which show that there is less supply when compared to the demand for big data analytical skills.

  • Wide range of job types

Big Data is an umbrella term with various job titles and roles in it like big data engineer, architect, analyst etc. Let’s know about these in the following sections.

Big Data Career Salary

So, you have explored various big data career opportunities. let’s have a look at salaries offered to Big Data Professionals.

The organizations are offering a very high salary for big data talent. The average salary is as high as $11,40,000 yearly. This is 98% more than the average salary worldwide. As per data collected from market trends in the United States, salaries offered to Big Data professionals are pretty good. The information is as follows:

  • A Data Architect earns upwards of $130,000 per annum.
  • A Big Data Analyst earns a salary between $100,000 to $120,000.
  • Data Engineer, on the other hand, earns around $110000.

Why choose Big Data as a Career?

  • As per the researchers, the demand for the role of Data Developers, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, etc. will reach around 700,000 openings by the year 2021.
  • The Economic Times report has suggested that the demand for Big Data talent in India has increased by 50% in the last two years.
  • An estimated 2.7 billion job postings for Data Analytics and Data Science are predicted in the United States by 2021.
  • According to the research by International Data Group on Big Data, organizations are set to invest big in skill sets which is necessary for Big Data deployments in the next 12-18 months. This means, there is an increasing demand for all Big Data professionals.

If you have Big Data skills, then this is a good time to grab this golden opportunity to flow with the wave of Big Data.

Big Data Career Opportunities

Here is the list of Big Data job roles. Choose the one that suits you.

  • Big Data Engineer

Handles the vast amount of unstructured data and generates insights. They are responsible to handle the complete life cycle of Big Data projects which starts from data collection to data visualization

  • Data Architect

It provides the optimum solution to Big Data problems. Big Data architects define an end-to-end data flow as well as complete application architecture. They interact with the client to understand their problems and create a prototype that the team will follow and implement. They are also responsible for selecting the best tools for all the phases like data acquisition, data pre-processing/post-processing, data marting, etc.

  • Data Analyst

He is the business problem-solver who analyzes processed data via SQL queries, creates automated systems to retrieve information from the datamarts, and compiles reports.

  • Data Visualization Developer

They are responsible for designing, developing, and supporting data visualization activities. They have strong technical skills for using relevant technologies like Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, etc. to implement the visualization.

  • Big Data Admin/Hadoop Administrator

Big Data or Hadoop Administrator is responsible for the deployment and administration of Hadoop infrastructure. They take care of installation, management, monitoring, and maintenance of Hadoop / Spark cluster

  • Data Scientist

Data Scientist analyzes raw data which can be structured and unstructured to derive undiscovered patterns which is used by business leaders to take important decisions impacting business growth. They use complex machine learning algorithms to process the data and generate valuable insights which involve business forecasting, customer segmentation, etc.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

These are hardcore programmers who design applications/algorithms and implement them for understanding the data trends. They are responsible for developing various machine learning algorithms to solve business problems and provide data in the reportable format to data analysts.

To reach this point you will require to learn the below prerequisites –

Big Data Career Prerequisites

Required Qualification to build your career in Big Data

  • If you are a school graduate and looking to start your career with technologies then you can opt for computer engineering as a graduate degree. With this, you can have a basic understanding of computer architecture, programming languages, networks, and operating systems, etc.
  • You can further apply for diploma or certification courses in various programming languages and algorithms as it is one of the basic requirements to work as a Big Data professional.
  • To become a good big data professional, one must have good logical, analytical, and problem-solving skills to deal with real-life data-related challenges.
  • For the advanced and expertise in big data, one can opt for a master’s in Big Data. It can enhance a person’s knowledge to a higher level which can result in a highly paid job.

Who are the Recruiters in Big data?

As per Forbes, there are various industries that are hiring candidates with expertise in Big Data. Here is a list of the top six industries:

companies using big data

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • IT Industry
  • Marketing and Retail Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Finance and Banking Industry
  • Professional Services.


There are endless opportunities for scope and growth in Big Data. With Big Data skills, professionals can move towards their choice of careers and get paid really well. There is no doubt that if you have Big Data skills, then your value in the Big Data job market will be really high.

If you want to ask any questions, comment below. We will definitely get back to you.

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