Top 3 Apache Flume books

A good book is a road to learning technology. But what if we don’t know the book for the technology we are eager to learn? This article enlists some of the top books for learning Apache Flume. We will see some Apache Flume books which help you to sharpen your knowledge for Apache Flume.

Let us explore some top Apache Flume books.

top apache flume books

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Best Apache Flume Books

There are top 3 Apache Flume books that help you to understand Flume in a better way. They are:

1. Apache Flume – Distributed Log Collection for Hadoop by Steve Hoffman

Flume book

This book is the best option for those who are a Hadoop programmer and want to learn about Apache Flume. By learning Apache Flume they can move large datasets into the Hadoop system, in a timely and replicable manner.

This Flume book starts with an overview of Flume architecture and its logical components. The book then explores flume channels, sinks, and sink processors, followed by the flume sources and channels.

After reading this Apache Flume book, we will be able to construct a series of Flume agents for efficiently collecting, aggregating, and moving large volumes of event data. This book will equip you to configure failover paths and load balancing in order to remove single points of failure. By the end of the book, we will be able to transfer our logs and stream data from our systems into Hadoop, gradually moving from basic to advanced features.

This book provides you various tips and tricks for moving logs in your production environment.

2. Using Flume – Flexible, Scalable, and Reliable Data Streaming By Hari Shreedharan

Apache Flume Book

If you want to know how to get data from frontend servers into ApacheHadoop in real-time then Using Flume Book is the best option. It is a complete reference guide that helps you to learn Flume’s features for collecting and writing huge volumes of streaming data to the HDFS, SolrCloud, Elastic Search, Apache HBase, and other systems.

This Book guides operations engineers for configuring, deploying, and monitoring a Flume cluster. Using Flume Book teaches developers about writing Flume plugins and customizing flume components.

By the end of this book, you will learn Flume’s design and implementation, and a rich set of Flume features that make it reliable, flexible, and highly scalable.

In this book you will explore the following:

1. How Flume provides a steady flow during reading/write operations by acting as a buffer between the data producers and the data consumers.
2. Flume key components, including flume sources, sinks, channels, and many more.
3. How to write the custom plugins for customizing the way in which the Flume receives, modifies, and writes data.
4. Different APIs for sending events to the Flume agents from your own apps.
5. How to configure, deploy, and monitor Flume cluster once it’s running

3. Real-Time Data Ingest into Hadoop using Flume By Hari Shreedharan

Book for Apache Flume

The Real-Time Data Ingest into Hadoop using Flume is a video tutorial created by Hari Shreedharan. Hari Shreedharan is an Apache Sqoop Committer, PMC member. In this video tutorial, he had covered each and every aspect of Apache Flume. It focuses more on clarifying how clients send events to flume agents, how agents host a number of Flume components such as source, interceptors, channel.

The video tutorial also contains the channel operations and transactional operations that guarantee one-hop delivery semantics. This video tutorial by Hari Shreedharan is best for those who are fresh learners as well as for those who are experienced developers.


I hope after reading this article you are now able to identify the road for learning Apache Flume. The article enlisted some top Apache Flume books that help you learn Apache Flume in a better way.

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